Anthony Nowell

Adapt to change
Build value
Care for people

Founder @Crea Makerspace. In Seattle.
🤍Rust. 🤍Chess. 🤍Hot Peppers.
Previously @WindRiver, @Algorithmia, @Socrata and @Microsoft.

Leadership Principles

Learning is the tool that enables adapting to change. Execution is the art of building value. Communication is foundational to effective leadership and notably to modeling how we care for people. These principles guide my approach to both technical and organizational leadership.


There is no talent shortage; there is a shortage of learning organizations investing in their people.

Intellectual Curiosity unlocks Intellectual Horsepower

Expect Failure; Don't Accept It


All else equal, hire the candidate who writes more effectively; it demonstrates a higher level thought and communication.

Radical Candor

Strong Opinions; Weakly Held

Persuade through Listening


Great execution on a mediocre idea is better than mediocre execution of a great idea.

Empower People; Expect Accountability

Move Forward; Expect to Adapt

Sustainable, High Performance

Win Ethically